Cemetery Forms & Pricing

Welcome to St. John’s Cemetery!  

Geneva St. Clyde, NY


Price Sheet


Queen of Heaven cost per grave: $800.00 (includes foundation)

Grave opening:  $750.00

Cremation opening: $375.00

Old section foundation cost: $.50 per square inch

Additional Saturday opening fee:  $100.00

Additional Winter burial fee (November 1st-April 1st): $100.00

Graveside service:  $50.00



Mausoleum III Tier A:    $7,000.00

Mausoleum III Tier B:    $7,600.00

Mausoleum III Tier C:    N/A

Mausoleum III Tier D:    $6,200.00

Mausoleum III Niche:   $1,200.00

(All prices listed above include cost of plaque)

Crypt opening:              $275.00

Niche opening:              $150.00

Crypt & Niche Vase:      $175.00


Outside and inside of St. John’s Mausoleum

Mausoleum III East Niches


For more information and availabilities, please contact Kathy at the Parish office at


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