Before our merger, we were three separate parishes, but we are now three churches in one parish, St. Joseph the Worker.

History of St. John the Evangelist:


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St. John the Evangelist 150th Anniversary Anticipatory Mass with Bishop Matano (Sunday, October 4th, 2020)



History St. Michael’s Church:

According to the Catholic Almanac printed in 1848 and 1849, there were no priests assigned to any communities in Wayne County. The closest priest to Wayne County was Father Patrick Bradley in Geneva. So at that time, the few Catholic families that had settled in Lyons were obliged to go to Geneva if they wished to attend Mass. However, in 1848, Mass was offered in Lyons at the house of James Gordon and, occasionally, in that of John Lennihan. 

On February 18, 1852, the growing group of Catholics in Lyons purchased a building from Peter Wolhaiger, Henry Miller, and Michael Heid, trustees of the German Evangelical Association.

The land where our current church building is, on the corner of Phelps and Holley Street, was purchased from Susan McIlwaine for $4,000.  On July 9, 1890, ground was broken to begin building.

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